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MOTOAIR International’s holding company LUCKY RIVER SCIENTECH CO., LTD was found in 1972, predominantly focused on the textile industry, in 1996 they dedicate themselves to the research and development of motorcycle airbag jackets.
MOTOAIR South Africa was registered in 2005 with the primary focus of offering world leading safety equipment for the motorcycle and equestrian market. We are a focused company that provides leading edge technologies and products. We remain customer-focused and are a recognised industry leader in value-added service, support and training. By working together with our partners and affiliates, and understanding the evolving needs of our markets, we are able to provide a comprehensive array of value added services and products.


MOTOAIR, motorcycle airbag jackets are today’s essential lifestyle safety equipment for the contemporary motorcyclists, designed  as a shock absorbing system. The airbag system is uniquely designed to protect a persons most vulnerable organs from harm in the event of an accident, the airbag once inflated protects the chest, spine, abdomen, cervical spine and waist. 

 With these body parts and organs effectively protected, severe injuries or even death caused by unexpected high-speed impacts are minimised. Though safety is our primary objective at MOTOAIR, we also recognise the need for stylish and aesthetically pleasing jackets to suite the competitive world of motorcyclists. 

Motoair airbag jackets are one of the most important safety transformations in the motorcycle and equestrian industry since the beginning of this century.


In the event of an accident whereby a person is involved in a collision or is thrown from a horse, the attached lanyard triggers the airbag’s deployment system, activating the CO2  cartridge and inflating the airbag within 200 – 500 milliseconds, simultaneously releasing the separator system allowing the attached lanyard to separate from the jacket.  


In 1994, the founder of MotoAir, Mr Lee, realised that the safety of motorbike riders are not always guaranteed as in driving a motorvehicle.  He identified an opportunity to develop a safety mechanism to increase the safety of motorbike riders which resulted in the developmet of  the "motorcylce airbaig system".  The first ever airbag system, which weighed only 600g, was successfully developed through continuing improvements and testings.  Patent rights on the airbag system was granted in 1999, in numerous countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Germany, USA and China.

MotoAir has received several awards for their unique inovative product;
5-Star Award by AUTO PLUS
IPO Awarded Invention Golden Brain Prize, amongst many others.

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