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    Frequently Asked Questions  
    Q Are MotoAir Airbag Jackets reusable?  
    A Yes. This is achieved by returning the jacket to an authorised dealer for inspection. The airbag will be repacked and a new CO2 cylinder fitted. NOTE: the CO2 cylinders cannot be refilled.  
    Q Could the airbag accidentally inflate in case I forget to detach the lanyard while dismounting?  
    A No.  The jacket requires about 25 Kg of force to deploy ensuring proper activation in the event of an collation or accident but reducing the possibility of false inflation while dismounting. NOTE: light weight motorcycles or scooters may topple over if the rider forgets to release the lanyard before dismounting.  
    Q Which areas of the body are protected by MotoAir airbag jackets?  

MotoAir Airbag Jackets effectively protects the chest, spine, abdomen, cervical spine and waist.

    Q What is the life expectancy of the CO2 cylinder?  
    A Indefinitely, however consideration must be taken if any noticeable surface deterioration or rust is evident. (activated cartridges must be replaced.)  

Can I wear a light backpack over the MotoAir jacket?

    A Yes, just ensure that there is sufficient tolerance for the airbag to deploy freely.  
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