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    How the airbag system works  

The MotoAir airbag is manufactured from nylon 6 (also known as polycaprolactam) with a cotton TPU “thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers” inner. Providing it with, high tensile strength, high elasticity and lustre and making it highly resistant to abrasion. This is the same fabric as that used for airbags in motor vehicles. 


The deployment and separator system is attached to the airbag and loaded with a high volume high pressure CO2 cartridge. The deployment and separator systems are connected to each other via a tether system that allows a rider to attach the mechanism to either a motorcycle or horse saddle.

    >> In the event of an accident whereby a person is involved in a collision or is thrown from a horse the attached tether triggers the airbag’s deployment system, activating the CO2  cartridge and inflating the airbag within 200 – 500 milliseconds, simultaneously releasing the separator system allowing the attached lanyard to separate from the jacket.
    View video and jacket deployment

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