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MotoAir Airbag Jackets are; ISO9001, TUV and SGS certified and have undergone rigorous inflation and impact testing by CAPE “Centre for Advanced Product Evaluation“ and Intertek in the United States of America.

CAPE is one of the industry's leaders in automotive crash testing; while Intertek concludes the airbag and deployment testing for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and Honda.


Chest impact testing.

Chest impact testing. Side view

Enhanced Spine, Neck, Lower Ribs and Kidney protection.

MOTOAIR after high speed inflation testing.

MOTOAIR before high speed Inflation testing.


MOTOAIR  airbag jackets were the world’s first commercially manufactured airbag safety jacket, and currently  holds patent’s in Taiwan, Germany, Brazil, USA, China and Japan. With many more patents pending including South Africa.

Taiwan Germany
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